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The fourth largest, after Mahé, Praslin and Siluetta, the island of La Digue resembles a bizarre sea shell in outline. The dimensions of the "shell" are 3 by 4 km, it is located 43 km from Mahé and only 6 km from Praslin.

The island is inhabited by 2 thousand inhabitants. It gives the impression of intactness and extreme remoteness from everything in the world - it is no coincidence that many of the famous "Robinsonade" films were filmed here. There are coconut and cinnamon plantations on the island. There are several picturesque bays around, where the world's largest elephant turtles live. The islanders claim that there are only 6 cars on the island, and even those are used only in construction. The owners and guests of the island are supposed to travel on foot, on bicycles or in special ox carriages (quite expensive and slow, but absolutely unique transport!).

On La Digue, the combination of two Seychelles "highlights" (white beaches and granite cliffs) achieves unthinkable beauty, almost impossible in nature - the assumption involuntarily suggests itself that it could not have done without designers and "Photoshop" ... You should certainly see the main attraction of La Diga - Source d'Argens bay (Silver Spring). The best photographs in the Seychelles are obtained here, among the majestic granite masses - pink in the morning and red at sunset (not without reason the first people who visited this island gave it the name Red Island).

There is no airport on La Digue, so you can get here by ferry from Praslin (30 min) or from Mahe by helicopter (10 min) or by ferry (3 hours).

The best time for diving is March-May and September-November, birdwatching is April-October, and fishing is October-April.
The air temperature here all year round ranges from 26 to 32 degrees. The period from November to April is considered the hottest season and rains are possible due to the Northwest monsoons. There are Southeast monsoons between May and October and this season is believed to be drier and cooler.

La Digue на карті

+ 27°C