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The Boutique Residence Hotel


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Experience a superb blend of heritage and modern contemporary comfort.Feel at home in refined Alpine hospitality right in the heart of Penang and Asia. This lifestyle residence offers intimate luxury and quiet comfort tucked away in the streets of Penang's heritage city. Treat yourself to the private comfort of the upper crust of the island's bygone colonial era.The Boutique Residence @ 133 Pitt Street has always been Penang premier address as Pitt Street was one of the very first streets laid out during the founding of Penang's township in 1786 by Captain Francis Light for the British Empire. It is the border of Penang's first commercial grid. Pitt Street is also known as Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling.The Residence is established on the very grounds of the old trading port's shophouses which stood at the very heart of Penang's infamous Riots of 1867. The Residence and other surrounding clanhouses were intricately connected through a series of underground tunnels and hi ...
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