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Vietnam, due to the long form of its territories, has a variety of climatic conditions. In North Vietnam, there is a clear division of seasons: short winters are replaced by sunny springs, warm summers and mild autumns. In the southern part of Vietnam, such concepts as the drought season and the rainy season are appropriate - at this time, showers fall regularly, usually in the evening and afternoon. The average daily temperature in Vietnam varies from twenty-two to twenty-seven degrees Celsius. In the mountainous regions of Vietnam, such as Dalat and Sapi, the annual temperature does not exceed twenty degrees, which once made these places very popular for summer vacations of Europeans in Vietnam. The existing clear differentiation of areas of Vietnam by climatic and geographical conditions makes visiting Vietnam convenient at any time of the year - everyone is able to choose a holiday in Vietnam in the most comfortable climate for him.


The currency of Vietnam is the dong. Banknotes of the 1985 model are in circulation. Denomination-100,200,500,1000,2000,5000,10000,20000,50000,100000,500,000 dong.
Since 2004, old banknotes have been replaced by new ones with improved security. Both old and new banknotes are accepted without restrictions. The average dollar exchange rate is $ 1 = 15,800 dong

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