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Costa's climate is hot and dry. Southern and southwestern trade winds come here from the Pacific Ocean, but since they pass over the cold Peruvian (Humbolt) current, their absolute humidity is low. Instead of rain, a tiny drizzle sometimes called garya sometimes falls in the coastal strip. The cold Peruvian current reduces the average annual air temperature on the coast of Peru by an average of 6oC compared with the Atlantic coast of Brazil lying on the same latitude. The average annual temperature in Lima is 18oC. On the northern stretch of the coast, under the influence of the warm El Niño counterflow, up to 200 mm of precipitation will fall annually.
The powerful Andes ridges create an insurmountable barrier for the Atlantic and Pacific air masses, which creates a contrast between the desert slopes facing the Pacific Ocean and the forested slopes facing the Atlantic. Approximately up to an altitude of 3500 m, moderate temperatures still prevail, without frost and heat. Above 3,500 m in the Andes, the Pune zone begins, which in Quechua means “cold place”. Its fencing off from humid Atlantic winds and its high altitude cause strong discharge of air, low temperatures (at altitudes of more than 4100 m it does not rise above 0oC) and its sharp daily fluctuations. In the afternoon, the temperature sometimes rises to + 20oC. At night, heat is replaced by frost, up to -12oC. The average annual temperature at an altitude of about 4500 m is only 2oC.
Selva climatically differs from the 2 previous zones. The climate here is mostly humid, tropical, with a lot of rainfall. The average annual temperature is 26o - 28oС.


The official currency is the new salt. In circulation are banknotes in denominations of 10, 20, 50, 100 salt, coins in 0.10, 0.20, 0.50, 1, 2, 5 salt. In the capital and in the excavation areas, it is possible to pay in dollars and credit cards for the main world systems (in large shops and hotels), in the province this is not possible.
Currency exchange: Currency can be exchanged at exchange offices, the airport, banks. It is not recommended to exchange on the street (many scammers)

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