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Common description

Yangon (Rangoon) is the capital of Burma

Yangon, the capital of Burma, with more than 250 years of history. This city can be safely called a garden city, there are many shady parks with lush tropical trees, well-kept ponds and lakes. Rangoon was founded by King Alongpay on the site of Dagon, after the conquest of Lower Burma in 1755. The name of the city - Yangon means "End of the Battle", the British transformed it into Rangoon.

Burmese capital Yangon, or Yangon, is a city of the past. Its streets are filled with a loud and bright crowd. Men are dressed in traditional long skirts, women's faces are white. And no modern buildings, and instead of the usual urban transport - old plywood buses. The main attraction of the capital of Burma is the large temple complex of Swedagon. It is a huge pagoda topped with gold and precious stones. According to legend, there are eight Buddha hairs inside the pagoda. There are smaller stupas and temples around. All in fine thread and gold. Anyone can contribute to the decoration of these temples - buy the finest gold plates in the store and put them on the walls. Even in the capital of Burma, you must visit the Stok Market - a large market. There are sold shoes, carpets, boxes, gems. A lot of really old stuff for ridiculous prices, by our standards.

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