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Most of the country is in the tropics. The hot season lasts from March to October, and the cool season of the northeast monsoon - from November to February. The average temperature in the cool season is 16-18C, and in the hot season exceeds 38C. The rainy season, brought by the southwest monsoon, lasts from mid-May to October. The average annual rainfall in Upper Burma is about 890 mm, and in Lower Burma about 5080 mm.


Currency: Kyat. Import and export of national currency is prohibited. Import of foreign currency is not limited (amounts above USD 2,000 are subject to mandatory declaration). The term of export of the imported foreign currency is limited to 6 months. When leaving, the return exchange of national currency for foreign currency is allowed only within 25% of the exchange amount. Upon entering, a foreigner is obliged to exchange $ 300 checks of the Central Bank of Myanmar in circulation along with the national currency. USA. Credit cards - "American Express", "Master Card", "Visa" and "Diners Club" are accepted for payment. In general, the system of payment for services by credit cards and "Travel checks" is poorly developed. It is recommended to have a sufficient amount of cash.

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