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Morelia is an indelible mark of the colonial era! All its grandeur and beauty is reflected in these man-made wonders of architecture. Not only was the Historic Center of the city, consisting of more than 1,000 colonial buildings and churches, the property of Mankind. Just look at these cathedrals made of pink stone, proudly towering over apartment buildings or the National Palace. What awe and respect these age-old buildings evoke. Morelia is the charm of old Mexico! To this day, the city has managed to retain its charm, thanks to the annual cultural, music festivals and film festivals held here. Morelia thrives not only in culture, politics and economics, but is also home to important figures in national history. More than one poet, composer and even several presidents were born here. As the most populous city in Michigan, Morelia has not become one of the most popular tourist cities, but has retained a measured way of life and an atmosphere of romance.

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