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Common description

Cancun Resort, located on the Yucatan Peninsula, is among the ten best resorts in the world. Built on the site of a small fishing village, Cancun is now one of the most important centers of international tourism. The resort is located on a sand spit resembling the number "7", 400m wide and 30 km long. The upper part of the spit overlooks the Gulf of Women, where the water is almost always calm, the lower - to the open sea with an impressive surf. The climate is subtropical and close to ideal - the average annual temperature is + 30- + 32 degrees Celsius.

Cancun - a unique area on the Caribbean coast of the sea! Tourists are offered a wide range of possibilities: a comfortable stay in ultramodern hotels located on many kilometers of sandy beaches, practicing all kinds of sports, dinners in restaurants of Mexican, European and Oriental cuisines, visiting numerous night shows and famous discos. Cancun guests can purchase quality goods from around the world, but at Mexican prices. Trade is concentrated mainly in large shopping centers "Plaza Kukulkan", "Plaza Karakol" and others. However, there are also small shops with a large selection of souvenirs.

But Cancun is more than miles of white sand beaches, luxury hotels and nightclubs. Just two hours away by car is the capital of the vanished Mayan empire - Chichen Itza. This place is widely admired by the Kukulkan pyramid; In addition, in this archaeological zone there is a sacred well for sacrifices, a celestial observatory and the largest ancient ball-playing stadium in the world, the celestial acoustics of which allow you to hear a whisper for more than 100 meters. For those who are interested in history and culture, they can visit the ancient ruins of the cities of Tulum and Koba.

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