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Tioman Island is part of the Pahang National Park, located 60 km from the east coast of mainland Malaysia. This is the largest reef system of the South China Sea. Tioman - an island featured in the South Pass musical in Hollywood, is considered one of the most beautiful in Asia. Tioman is also among the ten most beautiful and clean islands in the world. Nature endowed him with unique beauty, and people surrounded him with a haze of ancient legends. White sandy beaches and crystal clear blue water attract tourists from all countries.
According to legend, the Chinese dragon princess was so captivated by the beauties of these places that she decided to turn into Tioman Island, without reaching her lover in Singapore, and promised hospitality and comfort to all the travelers and travelers staying on it. On Tioman should be relaxed in the summer. It is from May to November that the most favorable climate is here, and the warm waters of the South China Sea are especially gentle and transparent.
Along the entire west coast of the island stretch magnificent beaches washed by clear azure waters. In the middle of Pulau-Tioman, over the rugged terrain, there is a mountain with a double top overgrown with rainforest (“Donkey's Ears,” as it is called here). A dirt road leads to Kampong Juara and its deserted beach on the east coast.
On the island of Pulau-Raua - before it was an hour on the boat - a real resort was created with specially equipped beach houses for sea scuba hunters.
Diving enthusiasts will be delighted with the underwater world of Tioman and Pulau-Raur. Tioman is of islet-coral origin, and the local underwater animals resembles the fauna of the Red Sea. And on land there are many monkeys who are not at all afraid of tourists.
If you like white sand, palm trees with coconuts "growing" on them mixed with monkeys, the azure sea, the untouched underwater world - then you should definitely come to Tioman! Soft sand, wild flowers of the brightest colors, cool water of waterfalls - all this creates a special romantic mood

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