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A visa for tourism in Cambodia can be obtained upon arrival at the airport in Phnom Penh or Siem Riap. You can also get a Cambodian visa at the Embassy of the Kingdom of Cambodia in Moscow. A visa on arrival in Cambodia is issued within 20 - 30 minutes, to get it you must have 3 photos 3X4 in size, 2 completed questionnaires and a photocopy of the main page of the passport. The cost of a tourist visa is $ 20, put for 1 month, can be extended after it expires for a fee for another 3 months, after which you must leave the country. A business visa costs $ 25, is issued for 1 month, it can be extended for a fee for an unlimited time with a maximum periodicity of 1 year. Also at the airport you can put a business visa for 3, 6, 12 months. Visa-free transit is not permitted.


Cambodia is completely in the tropical climate zone. The average annual temperature of Cambodia varies from + 25C to + 40C. Cambodia has two seasons in a year: dry and rainy. The rainy season in Cambodia begins in May-June and lasts until September. The rainiest months in Cambodia are July, August, September. But this does not mean that it rains in Cambodia daily. For tourism in Cambodia, in terms of weather, it is better to choose the time from November to April, there is practically no rain at this time. The hottest months in Cambodia are March, April, May. In December, January, February, and the beginning of March, Cambodia has the most neutral weather, there is no rain, the temperature is + 30C; + 35C.


The national currency of Cambodia is riel 1 $ US = 3900 R. On a par with riel in Cambodia there are US dollars, Thai baht, and Vietnamese dongs in the border areas with Vietnam. Prices in Cambodia are almost everywhere indicated in US dollars, riels usually give change, the amount of which does not exceed 1 US dollar. Banknotes of US dollars in Cambodia are quite unsightly, the local population is extremely careless about money. Exporting Cambodian US dollars to their homeland, there is a great risk that they may simply not be accepted at an exchange office or bank. Payment of bills in Cambodia is carried out almost everywhere in US dollars. For tourism in Cambodia, it is not recommended to change US dollars to riels.

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