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The climate is tropical. High humidity, constant temperature with slight fluctuations (but not below + 25 ° C). The dry season lasts from May to October, and the rainy season - from November to April. But even during the rainy season, there is a small amount of rain, with rain mostly coming early in the morning or at night, with the sun shining for most of the day. During the rainy season, all the vegetation comes to life: the gardens and forests become a bright emerald color.
The average daily temperature throughout the year - about 28-30 ° C. In the mountains - about 20-22 ° C.


The cash exchange rate on the island varies greatly depending on the face value and date of issue of the bill. The largest rate offered for $ 100 bills in recent years of issue. Notes older than 1996 do not accept at all! Try to change money at authorized moneychanger centers. They can be found on the relevant signs. Another sign - authorized points are only engaged in currency exchange and nothing else! It is very profitable to pay with payment cards. Tip when you ask for dollars (buy - sell) - specify that US dollars (US dollars), since the island has many Australians and Singaporeans, and they have their dollars.

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