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Common description

Of all the resorts in the Dominican Republic, Punta Cana is considered the most developed. Here you can find great hotels, wide sandy beaches, all conditions for lovers of windsurfing and sailing. Interestingly, the resort is protected by law from any construction capable of causing at least the least damage to its natural beauty.
More than seventy kilometers of white sandy beaches with comfortable hotels stretch along the east coast of Haiti, on which this state is located.
The beautiful beaches of Punta Cana are just perfect for those who like to enjoy their favorite water sports.
The resort is famous for its luxurious hotels offering a variety of services. Some Punta Cana hotels are aimed at those who prefer outdoor activities, others at those seeking solitude and tranquility. This is the perfect place for a honeymoon and family vacation.
Geography Up
The resort is located on the southeastern part of the island, where the Atlantic merges with the Caribbean Sea.
Tourist areas:
The beaches of Bavaria, Macau, Arena City, Cortesito, Cabeza de Torro and Punta Cana are 32 continuous kilometers of pearly white sand. New tourist centers are located at least 60 meters from the shore, as it is forbidden to disturb the natural landscape.
The resort has a large number of restaurants serving international and Dominican cuisine.
The small fishing village of El Cortecito is located 3 km from Punta Cana, where restaurants can enjoy freshly caught fish.
All water sports, including very good diving, jeep safari, white water rafting.
Here you can "meet with whales" or go on an exciting "jeep safari".
Night life:
A variety of wearable clubs, shows, bars, discos and casinos.

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