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Barbados is a state in the West Indies on the island of the same name in the group of the Lesser Antilles, in the east of the Caribbean. Located relatively close to the South American continent, 434.5 km northeast of Venezuela.

The island has a number of international-class hotels. You can also reserve a small hotel or villa in advance. Among the tourists, the most popular are the western and southern coasts of the island with the azure Caribbean Sea and white sand beaches. There is great excitement along the eastern Atlantic coast, which creates good conditions for surfing, although there is a certain risk at low tide. The Soup Bowl is quite popular for fans of this sport.

Shopping duty free is also popular with tourists. Barbados's nightlife spins in large tourist areas like Saint Lawrence Gap. Other activities include visiting the Wildlife Reserve, buying jewelry, diving, sightseeing helicopter flights, golf, festivals, exploring caves, exotic drinks and much more.

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